Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Film Review: Men in Black 3

Film Rating: 4/5
Here comes the Men in Black... Again Overview:Agent J (Will Smith) travel back in time to the groovy 60s to stop alien Boris the Animal (Jemaine Clement) from killing his friend Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) and prevent an alien invasion however trying to cooperate with young Agent K (Josh Brolin) proves to be more difficult then planned. 
Will Smith 
Josh Brolin 
Tommy Lee Jones
Jemaine Clement 
Emma Thompson 
Director:Barry Sonnenfeld 

Pros:Having already been a huge fan of the other two films, I went into the cinema expecting a disappointing sequel however i came out surprisingly pleased. It stuck to the conventions of a MIB film: Will Smiths funny one liners, creepy aliens, grumpy Agent K, gadgets, an emotional back story and of course the black suits. 

The film had gone totally cameotastic! With a 10 second cameo from Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger, and a string of references to certain celebrities being aliens such as Lady Gaga, Tim Burton and Mick Jagger (an alien sent to earth to mate with women...). Also Andy Warhol (Bill Harder) who is really part of the MIB. 

One of my favourite aspects of this film was the fantastic cast, Sonnenfeld had chosen to cast Josh Brolin as the young Agent K previously played by the legendary Tommy Lee which in its self sounds like a very difficult task!However his performance was brilliant, he nailed the voice and and the mannerisms of Agent K, it really was like going back in time. 

Cons:It is a good summer blockbuster but as always with sequels it just doesn't beat the first.

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