Saturday, 16 June 2012

Friday @ Lovebox Festival

Yesterday I went to the 10th Lovebox Festival held in London's Victroia Park. 
On the tube to Mile End, armed with my wellies, a brollie and a waterproof, I was stuggling to find the enthusiasm for the festival as the weather forcast was for heavy rain all day - which I didn't quite fancy. But I was in luck - there was very little rain and in fact some sunshine! The feeling in side the festival was so electric - despite all the mud - that I quickly found my enthusiasm and had a fantastic day!

The headliners were Hot Chip, Crystal Castles, Magnetic Man, Sub Focus, Madeon, Devlin and We Have Band. All of which were great! I was particularly impressed with Madeon, who had the crowd going absolutely metal with his incredible mixes. Other noteworthy acts 
were Ms Dynamite and Shy FX.

Event Poster:

Are you going to any festivals this summer?

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