Sunday, 10 June 2012

Coldplay at the Emirates!

Last week I went to see Coldplay at the Emirates with my sister and mum and I was not disappointed!
The band played all their hits, new and old, and despite the dire weather the crowd seemed in good spirits as everyone sung along and danced. 
A highlight of the show for me was when the band disappeared from the main stage, and one by one began to appear on a much smaller stage towards the back crowd where they performed 'Us Against the World' and 'Speed of Sound' acoustically in the pouring rain. The various areas of performance and wristbands all add to the inclusiveness of the show that is so hard to achieve in stadium performances which are usually detached and impersonal. The intimacy that Coldplay creates was most seen during some of their classic tunes such as 'Yellow', 'Clocks' and 'Fix You' were the audience was vocal throughout - which seemed to be visually moving to Chris Martin.

The visual effects were incredible - everything they could have had, they had! There was lasers, confetti canons, fireworks, giant beach balls, five circular screens which impressive graphics, and my favourite part, radio-controlled wristbands we were given as we entered the arena which flashed multi-coloured lights to the music - you cant help but sit with your jaw hanging open in awe at the spectacle they created!
Still, it's not the spectacle that wins the crowd over tonight, but the songs with which they connect so easily, generating unlikely moments of intimacy on a crowded football field.

They were supported by Jay-Z's protegee Rita Ora and Swedish pop singer Robyn, both of which amazed me with the strengths of their voices.

Some of my photos from the night:

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