Friday, 1 June 2012

Film Review: The Fairy

Yesterday evening, I had the oppertunity to go to the advanced screening of new French film The Fairy at the Soho Screening Rooms. 

Check out the trailer:

Rating: 2/5


Dom works the night shift in a small hotel near Le Havre. One night, a woman arrives with no luggage and no shoes. Her name is Fiona and she tells Dom that she is a fairy that can grant him three wishes. Fiona makes two of his wishes come true then mysteriously disappears. Dom. who has fallen in love with her by then, searches for her.

Dominique Abel
Fiona Gordon
Bruno Romy

Dominique Abel
Fiona Gordon
Bruno Romy

Pros: No specific part made me laugh out loud however it does makes you chuckle nearly the whole way especially at the silly but somehow sweet scenes.

Cons: Personally this wasn't for me. Slapstick comedy is for some, but being part of the younger audience this type of comedy is just not what we're use to, sarcasm and jokes with a double meaning is whats selling! I felt as though it was trying so hard to be quirky that the story line was lost and for a lot of it I found my self asking what on earth was going on?!

Is there really a place for The Fairy in cinemas or has quirky slapstick comedy lost its place in the market? Will it find its way back into out hearts? Personally, I doubt it.

The Fairy is out 29th June 2012


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